Lakes and Rivers

Nothing contributes to the Arkansas nickname, “The Natural State,” more than the abundance of outstanding Arkansas lakes and rivers accessible from our state parks.

From Arkansas boating, kayaking, fishing and swimming to skiing, scuba diving and snorkeling - not to mention some of the most spectacular scenic views you’ll ever see - the lakes and waterways of Arkansas’s state parks are here for you.

Escape to an island lodge, a cozy park cabin or spend a night camping under the stars next to a blazing campfire on one of the many Arkansas lakes. Discover wildlife and waterfowl from black bears to mallard ducks. Maybe you'll even catch a glimpse a bald eagle, America's national bird, soaring above one of our scenic lakes or Arkansas rivers.

There is simply no telling what adventures and wonders you'll discover in the natural habitats of the Arkansas rivers and lakes that help make up the state parks in Arkansas.