Senior Travel Destinations in Arkansas

Road Scholar programs for seniors are fun and educational

Looking for Road Scholar programs? The Arkansas State Park staff present over 30,000 entertaining and educational programs each year. This is one of the few state park systems to operate its own Road Scholar programs, and we've been doing so since the mid-1980s. We have several adventures to choose from, including a Road Scholar program at our large golf and lake resort park, which is one of Arkansas’s most popular senior travel destinations. The Ozark Folk Center's programs have you soaking up the music, art and history of Ozark culture, boating on the White River and walking into "the cave find of the 20th-Century." Some Road Scholar programs include outdoor/adventure programs and the new Road Scholar Service Program. When considering senior travel destinations, check out this list of parks offering Road Scholar trips this year. Select the park of your interest and contact that park or the Elderhostel office in Boston for details.

All Road Scholar reservations are made through the Road Scholar office in Boston. For more information and a catalog, write to:

Road Scholar, 11 Avenue de Lafayette, Boston, MA 02111-1746

or order on the web:

We offer "Senior American Specials" in October at Petit Jean State Park and several parks offer naturalist-guided lake cruises and guided nature walks or historic site tours. You'll notice on our events page that we offer interesting featured programs on wildflowers and herbs, fall colors, wildlife, Ozark folk life, and a variety of historical and cultural programs and entertainment. We even have special fishing derbies and diamond-finding contests.

In addition to the excellent Road Scholars, the Ozark Folk Center offers a wonderful variety of arts and crafts workshops focused on the home skills and crafts of life in the Ozarks. These include everything from musical instruments to herbal weekends, from broom making to pottery. Plus they have Road Scholars programs for seniors that allow you to create your own workshop. Select your area of interest and the staff will arrange for a craftsperson to teach you all you want to know. The lodge's accommodations and restaurant, craft area and music shows combined with fall colors, spring wildflowers and even nearby trout fishing make this one of the most comfortable, affordable and enjoyable senior travel destinations.

Try one of our Road Scholar sessions and we promise you’ll enjoy a worry-free learning experience in one of the finest spots in the South. Our Deals page offers plenty of ways to save on a trip to Arkansas State Parks. No matter the length of your stay — whether it’s for a day or a week — you’ll always find something to do here in AR. Plan your getaway today and see why Arkansas’s state parks are among the best Road Scholar trips around.